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Rob Lederman

Renowned stand up comedian, radio, and television personality.

Rob Lederman said that he plans to continue doing comedy until the world doesn’t need a reason to laugh, and he recently celebrated 5,000 performances of giving chuckles to his audience.

“Like most comedians, he doesn’t do just one thing,” said Ryan McCrohan, a sales manager with Cumulus Radio, which owners 97 Rock. “He’s quick, interested in the audience, he talks to people, and he’s from Buffalo, so you can expect a couple relatable experiences. He’s hysterical. The bottom line is it’s a gut-busting feeling to go see him.”

Lederman got his start doing magic shows as a teenager, but as time went on he grew weary of the magic act and eventually it simply became a vehicle by which he delivered his jokes. His first magic-free performance took place when he was 18 at the Cleveland Comedy Club in Cleveland, Ohio, after being dared to perform at an open mic night.

After that, he was contracted to work as a stand-up comedian for 40 weeks out of the year. Lederman said word spread quickly that one of his talents as a comedian was adapting to different audiences. So his agent booked him gigs as the entertainment for opening nights of brand new comedy clubs across the country.

“As I would do these shows, I was seeing how these comedy clubs were opening and also getting lesson on the business side of comedy,” Lederman said. “Before the wheels were even in motion, I was there that first week, seeing the pitfalls and I thought, ‘this is pretty easy if you do it right.’”

It was while he was opening new comedy clubs that he met Ron Bennington, a radio personality who also owned Bennington’s Comedy Club. It was there that Lederman was first inspired to get into radio and also open his own club.

Rob’s Comedy Playhouse, which originally opened as the Comic’s Cafe in 1987, has been at its home on Maple Road and North Forest in Williamsville since 2005. In 1991, Lederman joined the 97 Rock team. He will return to the Riviera Theatre, a building he says he used to own which also served as the site of one of his earliest local performances, to record his fourth comedy CD and his first performance DVD.